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Dog Boarding Kennels Melbourne & Victoria

This is an alphabetical directory listing all Dog Boarding Kennels in Melbourne and Victoria. Alternatively, let Ken the Kennel Dog find your closest dog kennel by postcode.

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Dog Boarding Kennels: C to C

Care Kennels10 Carrs Creek Road, Longford  VIC  3851
Casanova Boarding Kennels & Cattery2223 Melba Highway, Yarra Glen  VIC  3775
Chiltern Boarding Kennels235 Racecourse Road, Chiltern  VIC  3683
Clematis Boarding Kennels1900 Wellington Road, Clematis  VIC  3782
Clydebank Boarding KennelsFrawleys Road, Clydebank  VIC  3851
Coach House Kennels & CatteryPO Box 942, Eltham  VIC  3095
Coldstream Boarding Kennels35 Killara Rd, COLDSTREAM  VIC  3770
Boarding Kennels & Veterinary Clinic
Companion Boarding Kennels420 Shell Road, Ocean Grove  VIC  3226
Corinella Boarding Kennels90 Agar Road, BASS  VIC  3991
Cottage Kennels & Cattery248 Yan Yean Road, Plenty  VIC  3090
Country Club Boarding Kennels & Cattery77 Hove Road, Rosebud  VIC  3939
Covaine Boarding Kennels & CatterySettlement Rd, BALLAN  VIC  3342
Cowes Boarding Kennels & Cattery100 Cowes-Rhyll Road, Cowes  VIC  3922
Cranbourne Boarding Kennels118 Craig Road, Devon Meadows  VIC  3977
Creswick Boarding Kennels513 Clunes-Creswick Road, CRESWICK  VIC  3363

You might find it easier to sniff our your closest kennel by postcode, let Ken the Kennel Dog sniff one out for you!.